Carenado Update their B1900 HD Series to V1.2

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Yesterday, Carenado updated their PC-12 to V1.3, bringing with it several improvements.

The B1900 HD Series is no different; it too has also been updated, with adjustments to many key and small aspects of the aircraft.


  • Disabled hydraulic brakes option (to ensure brakes work properly when engines are off)
  • Cleanup of EHSI bearing pointer fix
  • Disabled some v10 compatibility stuff
  • Fixed some annunciator lights
  • Improved autopilot heading
  • Increased battery capacity and generators
  • Improved lighting for v11
  • Adjusted prop feathering at startup
  • Adjusted nose wheel steering animation
  • Updated de-icing logic
  • Adjusted min N1% for start
  • Fixed throttles and DC load needles
  • Disabled artificial stability
  • Adapted for VR
  • Brightened taxi and landing lights
  • Tuned elevator effectiveness.

Carenado advises customers to uninstall the previous installation prior to updating to the new one.

The aircraft can be bought for US $34.95 on, or from Carenado's website.

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