Big Tire Productions Releases V1.2 of Carbon Cub EX, with Steam Gauge Panel Variant

September 4, 2019

An update has been made available by Big Tire Productions for their Carbon Cub. V1.2's highlight is the inclusion of the steam gauges variant.

Released in July, the experimental STOL aircraft is a re-engineered edition of the highly popular Piper Super Cub, using modern materials and technology. It is made by CubCrafters.

V1.2 for the aircraft is as follows (noted from the product page):

  • Added steam gauge panel variant
  • Extended fuel tanks to 20 gallons each side
  • Fixed blurry texture on fuel selector
  • Updated texture on panel
  • Added chocks
  • Tweaked baked ambient occlusion
  • Animated wing tank fuel sight gauges

A single screenshot of the steam gauge variant was posted as an announcement on

As can be seen, the G1000 has been replaced with AviTab, with various controls shifted around somewhat.

For further information and to purchase the aircraft, check out the product page here. It is available for US $34.95.

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