Cami De Bellis quietly releases La Tontouta International

Peter Tram
December 4, 2018

Cami De Bellis is a recognised and influential scenery developer in the X-Plane scene. Known for the CDB library, Bellis, along with Freddy De Pues has released a series of freeware airports but it seemed that the duo does not engage with the community as frequently anymore. With the release of La Tontouta International, this may mean that Bellis is making a return to X-Plane!

NWWW (La Tontoula) is the main airport for New Caledonia, situated about 52 kilometres from the largest city Noumea. The airport serves as the international gateway, while neighbouring airport Noumea Magenta Airport serves domestic flights only, NWWW is also the base for Aircalin. Over half a million passengers has used the airport in 2017.

Per's description, Cami De Bellis's reproduction of NWWW is another "hyper- detailed exotic scenery". Featuring custom terrain mesh by Maps2X-Plane, the product covers the airport itself and surrounding buildings:


Pricing is at $22.40. Purchase the scenery here: LINK

More images: LINK