Colimata Release v1.50 Beta for the Colimata Concorde FXP

November 19, 2020

Florian and the team at Colimata have announced on the X-Plane Forums that the beta version of v1.50 for their Colimata Concorde FXP. The beta is one of the largest of its kind since release, presenting a multitude of major changes to do with all aspects of the aircraft.

In the post, the developer included a lengthy feature list, a changelog PDF, and installation instructions. Perhaps the largest change to the Colimata Concorde FXP is the flight model, where there have been various changes to do with flight dynamics.

The installation is as simple as downloading and extracting the provided zip folder to a clean installation of the Colimata Concorde.

A brief list of changes can be seen below:

  • Quicker and better roll and pitch responsiveness
  • Full compatibility to the EXPERIMENTAL flight model
  • More realistic timeframe during takeoff run (EXP FM)
  • Better rotation characteristics at Vr (EXP FM)
  • Improved transition to Mach 1.00 (EXP FM)
  • More realistic timeframe M1.30 - 2.00 (EXP FM)
  • Improved DEFAULT flight model
  • Refined ASI bug reference speeds
  • New Autothrottle settings
  • Working MASTER WARNING panel
  • Improved Engineering panel
  • More than 200 lights on the Engineering panel
  • More than 100 small status indicators
  • Improved Hydraulics panel
  • Improved Electrics panel
  • Improved Fuel panel
  • Improved several other areas
  • Roof panel - Engine Fire detection and suppression system
  • Roof panel - Localized ICE detection
  • Several small fixes and improvements

For more information and the full list of changes find the changelog PDF supplied by Colimata.

You can download the v1.5 beta here, and find the Colimata Concord FXP for purchase here. You can also keep up to date with the latest Colimata developments through their X-Plane Forums feed.

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