Colimata Updates Concorde FXP to v1.11

Jan-Laurin Frey
Alex John
Friday, March 6, 2020

The developer behind the popular Concorde for X-Plane 11 has updated the aircraft to version 1.11. This update has improved ground handling, and other small bug fixes.

It is now possible to start the engines during pushback via bleed air, whilst a rewritten VR-compatible throttle control function was added. Fixes to graphical user interface functionality and improved intake effect above Mach 1.3 also appear as changes to Colimata's flagship product.

A full list of changes is listed below.

  • Engine start is now possible during pushback using bleed air from running engines
  • Toned down glass reflections
  • Fixes to Graphical User Interface functionality
  • Fixed and improved ground objects
  • Improved intake effect above M1.3
  • Fixed and improved pushback
  • Improved aircraft ground handling
  • Updated aircraft external lights
  • Complete new, VR compatible throttle in the cockpit
  • More small fixes

The update for the aircraft can be downloaded for free at the X-Plane forum or updated via the X-Updater which is included in the aircraft files.

Read our review of a previous version of this aircraft here.

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