COLIMATA Preview Video Drops on Concorde's 50 Anniversary

Alex John
Saturday, March 2, 2019

Fifty years ago today in 1969, Concorde took to the skies for the very first time. Although she is no longer flying today, COLIMATA have steadily been progressing with their X-Plane 11 rendition of the iconic aircraft, which is set to go into early access soon.

It follows on from a statement given two weeks ago, which read:

"The early access version includes all main parts of the final aircraft. There are some components that will be finished and features added during the summer. To give you an idea: For example, the handy pushback truck will not be ready on day one of the release. Fortunately, Concorde has a reverse gear 😉 (thrust reversers). Another example: Not all complex CIVA functions or Autopilot functions will be available immediately. During the summer more and more will be added.

"The aircraft is built in a manner that the user normally just needs to update one little plugin file (~2MB) and the new functions are available. Very handy. The early access version will ship at a discount, the final version later is included in this price.
It will be available in the store on

"Early access versions are not for everybody. Some users accept only perfectly finished aircraft in every aspect and that's ok. I will public all details of what you get and what is not ready on day 1 to make this as transparent as possible.

"Concorde is easy to fly but not so easy to manage. With the early access version, you can start to fly and learn Concorde. And there is a lot to learn if somebody what's to dig deep. Concorde has no flaps or speedbrakes for example and comes down at incredible pitch angles during landing. She's really unique in so many aspects.
As with all our aircraft (FA-18F, MiG-29), we also try to find ways that the person that normally flies props or other aircraft types is able to manage the aircraft for a quick flight without studying for weeks.

"For the 50th birthday of Concorde I will release the next video. This time in color and cockpit alive  

Work in progress images from July, 2018

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Stay up-to-date by finding the official preview thread here.

Many thanks to Discord user gustav1 for linking us to the video. You can join our Discord here.

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