Colimata Updates the Concorde to v1.20

August 8, 2020

Earlier this week, Colimata has released version 1.20 of the Concorde, their flagship product. The newest version brings autopilot improvements, tutorial/manual updates, and with the release of X-Plane 11.50 on the horizon, full Vulkan compatibility.

A full list of changes in version 1.20 is as follows:

  • Full Vulkan compatibility
  • More inertia (the jet feels heavier in pitch and roll)
  • New Autopilot functions
  • AP MAX CLIMB - for optimum climb performance
  • AP MAX CRUISE - keeps the jet at Mach 2.00
  • AP IAS HOLD - holds airspeed via pitch angle
  • AP GLIDE - follows ILS glideslope
  • AP VOR LOC - improved
  • New video tutorial 'vertical flight profile'
  • HSI got an INS mode in addition to the RAD mode
  • ASI airspeed and speed limit refinements
  • INS bug fixes and improvements
  • Decision height light on ADI
  • Updated manuals  
  • Marker lights
  • Crew callout improvements
  • More small fixes and improvements

At the time of writing, the Colimata Concord can be purchased on the Store for a discounted price of $49.95, compared to the full price of $59.69. It is unclear when the promotion will end.

For more information on the Colimata Concord, check out a previous Threshold article.

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