First Update of COLIMATA's Concorde Announced

Alex John
Friday, May 24, 2019

The first update of many to COLIMATA's Concorde, which was released as early access earlier this month, has been distributed as an 'early birds' preview, before it is predicted to release next week. The update, numbered V1.01, contains the following fixes and additions:

  • Ground vehicle loading fixed
  • More custom commands to operate the aircraft
  • Main airspeed indicator and v-limit set to calibrated airspeed
  • Revised fuel flow values for subsonic cruise, ramp effect and approach
  • NAV1 and NAV2 do not influence each other any longer
  • Heading/track rotary knob
  • CIVA now shows correct data at low longitude numbers
  • Better engine shutdown performed by virtual flight engineer

The update was said to be ready for next Friday (one week from time of writing), when more autopilot functions will be added. Furthermore, Better Pushback compatibility and more features will be added as time goes on.

The update was announced here, including the changelog, and is where users can grab V1.01 if they wish to do so. V1.00 is located just above the linked post.

COLIMATA's Concorde is available to purchase for US $49.95 from the store here.

Thanks go to Mason2304 in our Discord server for letting us know of the news.

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