COLIMATA Concorde Leaves Early Access in Version 1.10

Friday, November 29, 2019

Recently, COLIMATA took to the X-Plane Forums to announce the final version of their most recent product, Concorde FXP. Dubbed version 1.10, the new update is the result of over two years of development and months of early access testing. Since early access begun, the Concorde has seen many additions like the implementation of autopilot and, most notably, the ability to start the aircraft from a cold and dark state without the use of an electronic engineer.

With all these new features comes a lot of paperwork and the final version will be no stranger to COLIMATA's generous addition of manuals. COLIMATA has included an 89 page quick start manual, a 66 page cold and dark startup guide, and a full manual comprised of over 350 pages. They also predict the first in a series of YouTube tutorials to debut around the peak of the holiday season.

COLIMATA has followed in the footsteps of many X-Plane 11 developers by including both 2k and 4k resolution packages for the aircraft. Regardless of which version you install, the intricate flight model, plethora of custom sound effects, highly detailed engines, 700+ custom lights, highly detailed 3D cockpit, and so much more will be available to you.

It is incredibly clear the love the developer has for Concorde and the appreciation they have for all the support. COLIMATA was very quick to thank a handful of people for their assistance on the project and cite the continued love as being what pushes the plane into version 1.50.

The final version of COLIMATA's Concorde FXP is available on the Store in 3, 2, 1, Now!

Special thanks to RCFLYER86 for tipping us off to the news on our Public Discord Server.

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