Cowan Simulations Releases Bell 206B3

December 29, 2021

Cowan Simulations has expanded its helicoper catalog with the release of its rendition of the Bell 206B3 for X-Plane 11. The helicopter, "tested and zeroed in" by real world pilots, comes with realistic flight dynamics, working floats systems, and customized sounds. Released in relative silence, the team simply issued a long but pointed feature list on the product page.

Image Credit: Bradley Soanes

According to the store page, the 206B3 will come with Low & High Skid Versions, high quality textures, FMOD Sound Pack, AviTab Integration, and detailed night lighting. For the complete list of features, check out the Cowan Simulation's webstore. Additionally, the developers have indicated that users will have access to free future updates.

The 206B3, designed and produced by Bell Helicopters, is a single engine, two bladed helicopter that can carry a maximum of 5 passengers. Introduced in the late 1960s, the helicopter is widely used in various industries from farming to serving as training helicopters for the U.S Army.

Currently, the helicopter can be purchased from the Cowan Simulations website for $32.95 USD, unfortunately, their product page features few visual information, there are no images save for a pormotional walkthrough video. The product supports the three OSes: Windows, Linux, and macOS. To successfully install the helicopter, the developer recommends users to have 1GB of free space in their hard drives.

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