CremonaSoft A310-304 in Development

Garrett Yalch
October 4, 2018

If you are looking for an old school airbus, a new brand has been formed: CremonaSoft. The sole representative of CremonaSoft on the forums has quietly been developing their rendition of the A310 for quite some time.

Earlier today, a support forum labeled “A310 by CremonaSoft” popped up on the org. The user named “CremonaSoft” on the org forums has a picture featuring an A310 running in X-Plane as his profile banner. We’ve done a little investigation and approached the user, and the developer has clarified and confirmed that he is indeed been developing an A310, and will soon be ready to release it.

It seems that the initial release of the A310 wouldn’t be complete by most definitions, akin to Magknight’s 787, a cumulative series of improvements and additions would continually be released over time. The developer has made clear that “as with most of these projects, it’s a perpetual work in progress- and a few features will be added over time. It’s out for review imminently, and is likely to be released in the next few weeks… We’ve been working on this A310 for a very long time now- and have invested huge amounts of time and effort into this project. … we just hope that people will enjoy flying it.”

Here is the full proposed feature list from the announcement:

Flight Characteristics:

3D Model:



Custom Electronics:


Autopilot Modes:

Hi-res A310-304 liveries:

Hi-res A310-304 MRTT liveries:

System Requirements:


After the initial release, the developer plans to implement more features, continually expanding the feature list, such as currently working towards a fully featured, custom Sperry FMS with Autopilot integration (NAV+PROFILE modes), along with expansion of ECAM warnings.

Though the pricing of this aircraft isn’t confirmed yet, it will definitely an interesting project to follow in the new few weeks. We’ll be taking a close look and providing coverage of this project in the weeks to come.

UPDATE: The developer has formally announced the A310 on the .org forums. Read the announcement here: LINK