CloudSurf Asia Releases V1.0 of their WMKK Airport + Kuala Lumpur City Scenery

October 14, 2020

CloudSurf Asia has released a major update for their Mega Kuala Lumpur scenery for X-Plane 11, building on the release of beta a week ago.

According to their website, the ATC towers and jetway visuals have been reworked and a handful of fixes have been made.

  • Reworked KLIA Main ATC Tower (added more details & now in 4K PBR)
  • Reworked KLIA2 Main ATC Tower (added more details & now in 4K PBR)
  • Reworked KLIA Jetways visuals (now in 4K PBR)
  • Fixed jetway gap
  • Adjusted RAMP lights to yellowish
  • Fix taxiway hold short signs now using dash lines
  • Fix runway hold short signs
  • Added missing ramp signs & parking in KLIA Main Terminal
  • Improve ground signs over all

CloudSurf Asia advises users who have purchased the scenery to download from the store it was bought from and extract the five folders into their Custom Scenery folder.

The airport itself boasts a number of features as well as a lengthy disclaimer about parts lacking quality due to limitations of access and data.

It is available to purchase from simMarket for €12.99 (excl. VAT) and updates from the developer can be found on their Facebook page.

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