Threshold Exclusive: FlyTampa/Descent2View Simulations Athens (LGAV) Previews

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Our friends at Descent2View and FlyTampa have today given us an exclusive sneak peek at their first conversion as part of their ongoing partnership.

The conversion of FlyTampa's existing Athens Int'l (LGAV) scenery for Prepar3D was announced in March, to become FlyTampa's second X-Plane scenery, following the release of Corfu (LGKR) at around this time last year.

The version given to us by the developer is a beta, and as such there are still features to add, however, they've given us a modest estimate of two weeks until completion.

There's no feature list thus far, though we're assured formalities such as this are just around the corner.

There's no word on the next conversion in the pipeline from the Descent2View/FlyTampa collection, though Threshold will keep you updated on any developments.

Thank you to Descent2View and FlyTampa for providing us with this unique opportunity.

You can find the announcement of FlyTampa Athens for X-Plane here, or check out Descent2View's Chios Island scenery here.

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