Leading Edge Simulations Shares DC-3 Development Update 7

February 18, 2021

Leading Edge Simulations (LES) system developer Ilias “airfighter” Tselios has taken to the X-Pilot forums to share the latest in a series of development blogs diving into progress with systems on LES’ DC-3.

The series of forum posts, now in their seventh iteration have covered a range of systems from weight and balance to autopilots. Today’s development update focused on the navigation equipment present in the upcoming aircraft.

The post focused on accurate vintage avionics alongside more modern navigation equipment like Garmin GNS/GTN units and EFBs.

Staring with Vintage Radios, the aircraft will come equipped with 4 navigation radios. These will consist of 2 VHF NAV radios for VOR use and2 ADF radios. The captain’s panel is jam-packed with avionics to be used with the radios.

The captain’s panel includes: two DME counters for the 2 VOR radios; a radio magnetic indicator (RMI) for the ADF #1 station and VOR #1 station; and an ILS indicator for the VHF NAV 1 Radio.

It was also noted that the ILS will only show deviation if the source radio is tuned into an ILS frequency and a localiser signal is being received.

For those who like to fly from the first officer’s seat, LES has also included the two same DME counters from the captain’s side and one RMI for the ADF ‘2 and the VOR #2.

Rounding off, Tselios went on to touch upon more modern options for pilots who may “need a bit more "info" available in the cockpit”.

Included in the modern options was a tablet that will display the widely popular Avitab plugin. This tablet will be toggleable through the included aircraft GUI and will be able to be positioned to your liking.

Also toggleable in this GUI was your choice of GPS unit (if any). The two options given by LES are currently the Default or Reality-XP GNS 430 or the Reality-XP GTN 650. It was noted that if a pilot chooses to use a GPS unit it was purely advisory and was not linked to any autopilot system in any way. The GPS units did however affect the #1 VHF comm and VFH NAV radios as these respective systems will be controlled by the GPS unit itself.

The full development update is available to read on the X-Pilot forums.

Leading Edge Simulations can be found in their Discord Server.

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