DC Designs Publishes Updates On Upcoming Concorde and Other MSFS Products

January 15, 2022

Earlier this week, aircraft developer DC Designs published a lengthy announcement that addressed the progress of its upcoming Concorde and the work being done on its existing products for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In the post, the developer provided a weather check on the modeling, animating, coding, and flight dynamics of the Concorde and the improvements being made to the F14/F15.

The Concorde, according to the developer, is being built to standards that are much higher compared to those they followed for FSX and P3D. The developer has already “ finished animating/coding most of the switches on the flight deck” and creating high quality decals that will serve as labels in the cockpit. Work is currently being done on the aircraft’s texturing. Furthermore, DC Designs is working with Asobo, Microsoft, Paul Frimston, and CodenameJack ”to ensure that Concorde’s delta wing and operational flight envelope can be reproduced with sufficient accuracy”. The team is expecting the finished product to have a “high degree of accuracy in all aspects of the flight envelope” that is made possible by some “creative thinking”.

Moving on from the Concorde, DC Designs reveals that updates are coming for the F15 Eagle. Refinements in the cockpit, along with metal PBR textures, will be added to the fighter, making every switch fully operational and improving the plane’s multi-screen displays based on the stock FA-18E MFD. Additionally, sound upgrades by Sim Acoustics, revisions to the flight model by CodenameJack, and exterior model improvements will be implemented on the F15. To showcase the new updates, the developer is planning to create a F-15C power demo when every upgrade has been completed.

Finally, the developer teased that a new NSFW liverary that depicts “Bad Cat 13” aggressor scheme” will soon be coming for the F14 Tomcat, bringing  the total number of included liveries to 13.

Currently, DC Designs is yet to reveal an exact release date for the Concorde. The product’s pricing has not been announced either, though it might be similar to that of the F14 and F15 at ~ $40 USD. For those who are interested in learning more about DC Design’s F14 and F15, checkout the developer’s store page for additional details.

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