Departure Designs/Vertical Simulations Releases Baltimore Airport (KBWI)

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Our friends at Vertical Simulations have today released a new scenery on their web store - Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport, developed by 737 Ultimate project member Daniel Johnson (who also goes by the name DJDragon737).

Johnson previously released previews of KBWI last month, after version 1 (under the FSFR brand) was removed from the Store.

The 22nd largest airfield in the United States is also the sole international airport in its state of Maryland. The new X-Plane version contains full PBR, 4K texturing, custom night lighting and an optional custom mesh which includes a highway underpass near the airport. Here’s the full feature list:

  • PBR textures throughout Airport
  • Highly detailed Custom Animated Jetways
  • Optional Custom 3D Mesh Including D/E Underpass
  • Optional tile wide satellite imagery
  • Optional Photorealistic Downtown Included
  • Optional Curb to Gate 3D Interior
  • X-Life support Custom WT3 support with Airplane Operations File
  • Custom Night Lighting
  • Vibrant color graded Satellite Imagery
  • High Resolution 4K Textures
  • Terminal layout circa Q2 2019
  • Ground Traffic airfield vehicles
  • Winter Version
  • Rain Effects
  • Configurator "to disable pretty much anything"

You can purchase Departure Designs Baltimore (KBWI) for $24.99 from the Threshold Store, or from the Vertical-Simulations website here.

Thank you to user Austriancontroller for the tip-off over on the Threshold Discord server.

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