Departure Designs Releases Grand Rapids (KGRR)

Monday, April 6, 2020

Less than a week since releasing their San Juan Airport, Departure Designs has released another scenery for X-Plane, Grand Rapids Airport, located in Michigan.

The scenery features PBR and rain textures, as well as SAM Seasons support. The full feature list is available further down in the article.

Grand Rapids Airport or also known as Gerald R. Ford International Airport as a commercial airport in Michigan. The airport was opened in December 1999 and now handles over 3.5 million passengers a year as the second busiest airport in Michigan.

Here’s the full feature list:

  • Heavily optimized Airport
  • PBR Textures throughout Airport
  • Rain Textures
  • SAM Seasons
  • Highly detailed Custom Animated SAM Jetways X-Life support
  • Custom WT3 support
  • Custom Night Lighting
  • Colour graded Satellite Imagery
  • High Resolution 4K Textures
  • Terminal layout circa Q2 2022 

Departure Designs' Grand Rapids Airport is currently available to purchase at the Store for $15.95USD, on sale from it's $19.99USD RRP.

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