Departure Designs Announces San Antonio (KSAT) & Greenville–Spartanburg (KGSP)

Friday, May 3, 2019

In more news from Departure Designs, they have announced two more airports just days after the release of Flint-Bishop International (KFNT).

The developer, who also works on the 737 Ultimate Project, now has 4 airports in the works, with St. Thomas (TIST) and New Orleans (KMSY) joining the two announced today.

KGSP & KSAT join TIST and KMSY in development from Departure Designs.

San Antonio is being developed in partnership with LatinVFR, as a conversion of their existing Prepar3D scenery. No previews have been released thus far.

The second airport announced today, Greensville-Spartanburg, is located in Northern South Carolina and is served by the three main American airlines. In the post on Facebook, Daniel "lets slip" the news with a few previews of the airport:

Lastly, he provides a status update on the development of New Orleans, where he says:

"New Orleans Airport - The airport is finished but we are still determining how much of the surround area we want to incorporate."

You can see the full post on the Departure Designs Facebook page here.

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