Departure Designs Publishes New Project Updates

Peter Tram
Monday, May 13, 2019

Departure Designs has issued a short update on the progress of each current project that's in development. The update seems to indicate that most projects has been completed and that the final touches are being applied prior to release. KGSP is completed and the product is currently being uploaded to the store, included is an OSM patch and a ZL17 ortho tile, availability of the airport should begin the next morning, Pacific Daylight Time, in 1-2 days.

New Orleans Airport project is soon completed with an estimated release date between 1-2 weeks, with the airport itself done and that the City, River, and Custom SAM Jetways are still on the todo list before release. Further updates to existing projects such as KFNT and KBWI is currently being made, with the former being enhanced with added missing structures around the airport's perimeter, and the latter being revisited with terrain mesh fixes, an Ortho4XP patch, creating better masking, and smoothing the mesh.

Lastly, Cyril E. King Airport (TIST) and other unnamed airports in the US Virgin Islands is still under development, and the developer promises that the end result will be incredible.

Source Facebook update: LINK

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