Imminent: Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports V2

Sam Clark
Thursday, May 24, 2018

Polish scenery team Drzewiecki Design have released new screenshots showing progress on version 2 of their Polish Airports (volume 1), which is reportedly on short-final.

The package covers 4 airports in Poland; Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa - EPGD, Katowice Int'l - EPKT, Rzeszów-Jasionka - EPRZ and Lublin - EPLB.

The screenshots were posted on the Drzewiecki Design Facebook page earlier today - here is what they had to say about version 2, as well as a full feature list:

 "We are glad to inform that a new V2 version of Polish Airports vol.1 XP will soon be available."

New in v2 -

     All airports:

   - Default AI, ATC and ground handling compatibility

   - Updated custom navaids


   - Enhanced apron lighting and apron materials

   - Specular textures added

   - Vertical signs done from scratch

   - Government E170 removed

   - New moving jetways with VGDS


   - Transparency issues fixed

   - New moving jetway with VGDS


   - New version of the airport, updated ground layout, new terminal, new lighting,  new markings, pretty much everything worked on

   - Please note - the new tower is not included in this version but will be provided in the future together with the new cargo apron (as a free update)


   - New, upgraded version of the airport

Drzewiecki Design have also informed us that owners of Polish Airport (vol. 1) can purchase the upgraded scenery pack at an 80% discount. No word on pricing yet.

See the product page of Polish Airports Volume 1 here, or check out the airports in Polish Airports volume 2 and vol. 3. Alternatively, see the rest of this screenshot mega-thread below.

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