Released: Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports V2 (Vol. 1)

Sam Clark
Friday, May 25, 2018

Previewed just a short time ago, Drzewiecki Design have released version 2 for their Polish Airports package (volume 1).

Here is a short feature list:

  • ‍4 high-quality international airports: EPGD Gdansk, EPKT Katowice, EPRZ Rzeszów and EPLB Lublin in up-to-date layouts
  • Large surrounding areas around each airport, Rzeszów city included (photo, autogen and some landmarks)
  • Moving jetways, VGDS, ground handling vehicles, 3D people, animated custom trains
  • Ultra realistic representation of airport markings and lighting
  • Reflective ground materials, specular textures, dynamic HDR lighting
  • Custom navaids, custom charts, advanced automatic installer system

To see tons more screenshots of Drzewiecki Design's Polish Airports V2 Vol. 1, see our previous article - or buy the new scenery for on sale for $22.40 (original retail price - $28) on the store.

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