Drzewiecki Design to Update Polish Airports Vol. 1

Sam Clark
Alex John
Friday, May 10, 2019

Polish development group Drzewiecki Design have turned their heads back to X-Plane after releasing their Chicago City X product for ESP-platforms, with an update on progress for their Poland Airports Vol. 1 package.

The package includes four airports: EPGD Gdansk, EPKT Katowice, EPRZ Rzeszów and EPLB Lublin.

In a post on Facebook, the developer outlines what's happening on the X-Plane side of the development cycle:

"Those waiting for Polish Airports Vol. 3 XP release - their patience will be rewarded with a free update of Polish Airports Vol. 1, including new buildings/aprons in Katowice as well as a completely new Lublin terminal (very detailed with interior) and the ground layout, made up to our current standards. Stay tuned!"

If you'd like to learn more about Drzewiecki's Polish Airport series, check out the version 2 upgrade published almost a year ago.

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