Digital Replica Cessna 310L Updated

Sam Clark
Sunday, March 10, 2019

Released in August of last year, Digital Replica's first payware aircraft, the Cessna 310L, has been updated to version 1.0.9.

The product is sold over on X-Aviation and features FMOD sounds, PBR textures, a realistic flight model and a Pilot's Operating Handbook to help along the way. The update, released yesterday, adds;

  • Rebuit from scratch Navomatic 400 Autopilot: PULL-TURN now functional. Attitude control works with the pitch angle of the artificial horizon (no more vs speed). The OMNI mode now needs to be in the adequate mode (FRONT or BACK) for radials to be intercepted.
  • Fuel and weight balance can now be configured while in flight (This is so one can recover a flight in case of a crash to desktop).
  • New magnetic compass added.
  • A Headset has been integrated into the aircraft. When clicked, attenuates the noise, especially the high pitch sound. It does not affect radio communications, alarms and beacon sounds.
  • New sounds: Mixture handles, fuel pumps and avionics.
  • Brighter cockpit gauges lights.
  • Navigation and beacon lights now illuminate the runway.
  • ILS Glideslope Flag fixed.
  • Side windows reflection are toggled in conjunction with the windshield from the load chart.
  • Reworked Glass Reflections.
  • Added brake pedals animation.
  • Added sunscreens animation.
  • New engines Ignition system. Engines are now susceptible to outside temperatures and cold/warm starts. Primer switch now behaves like it's supposed to. Engine overflown is now modeled as well as rough idle at low temperatures starts.

To update, simply re-download the product from your account. You can purchase the Digital Replica Cessna 301L for $24.95 from X-Aviation.

Thanks to user doudoualexou over on the Threshold Discord server for the tip off!

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