VSKYLABS Updates Dynali H3 to v1.1

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

VSKYLABS have released yesterday an update to their latest ultra-light helicopter release, the Dynali H3 to v1.1 adding the “sport” variant to the pack and a paint kit. 

The H-3 EasyFlyer is an ultralight helicopter designed by the Belgian company Dynali to comply with European norms for microlight helicopters. The Rotax-912 equipped aircraft is either available in a kit or ‘ready-to-fly’. 

Two variants of the H3 are available, the “Easyflyer” and the “Sport” variant which adds a T-tail to the rotorcraft as well as carbon skids. The initial release only included the Easyflyer version, therefore the pain kit had to be updated in this version to include the T-tail.

To update your product, run the STMA updater or simply redownload your product from the X-Plane.org Store. If you do not own the Dynali H3 by VSKYLABS it is available on the same store for $29.00. 

From Monroe to the World


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