Aerosoft's Frankfurt Am Main (EDDF) Upgraded to Version 2

Alex John
Thursday, March 12, 2020

Aerosoft's Frankfurt Am Main (EDDF) has been updated to version 2, which is less of a substantial update and more of a bug-fixing update.

The six-point changelog lists the bridge sinking issue, SAM jetway configurations for high jetways, and N3 taxiway markings as fixes, whilst ortho colour corrections, a change in vegetation and forest textures, and the addition of seasonal textures round off the update. The latter requires Scenery Animation Manager (SAM) 2 to work correctly.

It is presumed the bulk, if not all of this update comes courtesy of Stairport, developer of SAM and who display a strong relationship with Aerosoft.

At the end of February, the developer announced their intentions to update EDDF to version 2 with seasonal textures and the taxiway bridge fix. Of course, the full extent of the update is now clear, as stated above.

Frankfurt is available to buy through a number of Aerosoft resellers, including Aerosoft themselves,, Steam, and Threshold, among others.

Stairport keeps their users up-to-date through their Facebook page.

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