Stairport Looking to Update Aerosoft's Frankfurt Am Main Airport Soon

Alex John
Thursday, February 27, 2020

A very short but significant post from Stairport has confirmed the developer is working on updating Germany's busiest airport (by passenger traffic), published by Aerosoft.

Frankfurt Am Main (EDDF) currently retails at all Aerosoft resellers, and has received a couple of updates since its release in 2018. The latest, according to, was in October last year.

Stairport works closely with Aerosoft, allowing their sceneries to be published by the simulation giant. They have not, up until confirmation in today's Facebook post, been working on the airport, so the news will please existing users of the airport.

The message - which was just a sentence long - essentially confirmed they are working on the update and will include a fixed taxi bridge and seasonal textures.

Chania was also released by the developer a week ago, whilst SAM WorldJetways was made available near the end of last year.

Threshold will keep you in the know when Frankfurt receives this update.

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