Aerosoft Offers Manchester Airport (EGCC) Free of Charge for Two Weeks

Aerosoft has chosen to make the rare decision of offering a payware product free of charge for a limited time.

Manchester Airport (EGCC), Britain's busiest airport outside of London hubs, is, for two weeks, free for all users to download.

This is one of two products Aerosoft is offering for free (the other being the Autobahn Police Simulator) through a "stay at home" campaign, as the world continues to be hit heavily by the coronavirus pandemic.

Writing to their blog, Aerosoft said this is for "any boredom that may arise," and wished users lots of fun with the two products.

Manchester Airport was released nearly a year ago (this Wednesday marks its anniversary, interestingly), and was described as a completely new product from the version that existed prior to the current version.

"Thanks to high-resolution ground textures and HDR night lighting, this add-on for XPlane 11 renders a realistic and modern recreation of the airport at every time of day," claims Aerosoft in the product description. "The textures also feature physically correct lighting and reflection effects. Animated service vehicles, marshallers, and jetways bring the virtual Airport Manchester to life."

The airport is only available as of time of writing through Aerosoft's store.

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