Orbx Announces Compton Abbas (EGHA) for X-Plane

Keizo Ono
Monday, July 22, 2019

Orbx's latest airport is a small departure from their other airports lately, and is located in the UK. Compton Abbas (EGHA) will be the next Orbx airport for X-Plane. Announced in a post over on the Orbx forum, Orbx marketing manager Aimee Sanjari reassured X-Plane users that they're "not done with the UK yet!"

Orbx states that,

"Compton Abbas is known as being one of the friendliest and most picturesque airfields in the UK."

Here's the main features of Compton Abbas (EGHA):

Key Features

  • Imagery at 15 cm and 60 cm per pixel
  • Custom modeled vehicles
  • Custom modeled airport
  • Surrounded by large dense forests and beautiful green fields
  • Blends seamlessly into TrueEarth Great Britain South
  • Custom ground poly areas

It is highly recommended that users purchasing this airport also own True Earth Great Britain South, otherwise you may encounter some visual anomalies.

To view the original forum post and more pictures by Orbx, click here. To view previous articles about Orbx, click here.

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