Aerosoft Tromsø XP Updated to V1.1

Sam Clark
Friday, August 2, 2019

Stairport Sceneries' Tromsø XP, released just over a year ago, has seen it's first update post release today in the form of version 1.1, bringing a raft of changes and improvements.

V1.1 notably includes a winter texture option, bringing Tromsø in line with Stairport's other alpine sceneries such as Aspen, which was updated on March 1st this year.

Here's the full feature list, posted on the Aerosoft website here.

  • Updated vegetation (latest colors, no shadow casting, neutral winter versions)
  • Updated water bodies, added edges
  • Added detailed snow ground effects
  • Changed library to be scenery exclusive (not influenced by general FlyAgi Vegetation Library installations)
  • Removed FlyAgi Seasonal Airfield Components
  • Added neutral winter orthophoto
  • Added JSGME winter mod
  • Added switching libraries for manual winter or summer selection
  • Added wet surface effects
  • Fixed inside terminal transparency issue
  • Animations use SAM instead of AutoGate
  • Fixed ground polys not shown on lower world object settings

To update, re-download the scenery from the store of purchase. Alternatively, if you don't own Tromsø, you can purchase it for $19.99 USD from the Threshold Store here.

For more Aerosoft news, check out Malaga for X-Plane, which was announced earlier today.

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