Aerosoft release Tromsø ENTC

Sam Clark
Thursday, August 23, 2018

[EDIT 0819z] - The scenery has now been released. You can purchase it from the Aerosoft Store here. It has not yet been released on the Store.

Our friends at Stairport Sceneries are soon to release a new X-Plane scenery. Their latest project - in cooperation with Aerosoft and developer Jo Erlend Sund - is Tromsø Airport located in northern Norway.

Threshold exclusively brought you the news of the scenery back in July, showing off a largely completed airfield. New today is the official product trailer, available on YouTube.


The scenery will include compatibility with Autogate, custom World Traffic 3 routes, custom night lighting and is full optimization.

Some of Jo Erland Sund's other X-Plane sceneries include Oslo, Bergen and Svalbard. Tromsø ENTC by Aerosoft and Stairport Sceneries will be available very soon from the Aerosoft Store and on the store.

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