Aerobask Announces Epic Victory G1000 Edition

September 22, 2020

Over on their Facebook Page, Aerobask has shared the news of a new variant of their existing Epic Aircraft Victory. The new variant is to be a completely new product, like that of the Epic E1000 SkyView and G1000 Aircraft.

In the post, Aerobask outlined features of the new update, new features include a new 3D model, new FMOD Sound Pack alongside a completely new flight model for the equipped PW617F engine.

The announcement of the new product comes as a surprise due to Aerobask’s current commitments to working on their Dassault Falcon 8X.

It is unclear so far if there will be upgrade pricing for previous owners of the jet, although there is a possibility of a discount being offered if the developer follows a path similar to that of the previous upgrade to their Epic E1000.

The new features of the Epic Victory G100 Edition, listed so far are as follows:

  • New 3D model
  • New FMOD sound pack by Daniela R. Careri.
  • New flight model (PW617F engine)
  • G1000 avionics, with custom EMS
  • New GCU477 integrated (3D and 2D pop-up), with the new X-Plane 11.50 commands 
  • Autopilot GFC700

Alongside giving the news of the new variant to be releasing “soon”, the Aerobask also posted progress updates for their Falcon 8X on the forum thread last weekend. Head developer at Skunkcrafts -the developer who works with Aerobask on many projects- Lionel “Yoyoz” Zamouth has been visiting a real life Falcon 8X to ensure the highest level of realism. Zamouth also pictured himself in the cockpit of the aircraft on the second day of his visits (seen below).

Aerobask’s progress on their Epic Victory G100 Edition can be followed on their Facebook Page.

To keep up to date with all progress on the developer’s Dassault Falcon 8X, check out the forum thread.

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