X-Crafts Announces New E-Jets Family Series

November 19, 2020

Seven years after the release of the X-Crafts E195, they are finally able to announce ‘the next chapter’. They have introduced a new line of products named the E-Jets Family. This was announced through X-Crafts’ website, and shows off various photos of the new jets in development.

According to X-Crafts, “these will be brand new add-ons, entirely redesigned and recreated from the ground up using cutting edge software and techniques”. The E-Jets Family will include five different aircraft: the E170, E175, E190, E195 and the Lineage 1000.

Not only does the brand new package include five aircraft, it also includes new, highly detailed models of the interior and exterior, enhanced systems and a much awaited authentic FMS. On top of that, X-Crafts have stated that they “are working with real ERJ pilots to help us fly to a higher level of authenticity than we have reached before”.

They have also stated that existing customers of the E175 v2.4 and the E195 v2.4 will receive a discount, though the current level of discount is yet to be determined.

You can find the original announcement post on X-Crafts’ website, where you can also keep up to date with their latest developments and releases, and you can find their original E-Jets, the E175 and the E195 on the X-Plane Store.

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