Orbx Unveils New Essendon Fields Airport Rendition for MSFS

September 22, 2021


Yesterday, Orbx announced that they are returning back to their physical roots to develop a high-quality rendition of Essendon Fields Airport in Australia. Originally named St Johns Airfield, then Essendon Aerodrome, the airport played an important role in the aviation sector for Victoria and Australia’s growing civil aviation industry at the time, as well as defence operations during WWII, this year's marks the airport’s centenary anniversary. The airport is an important location to Orbx, as it is home to the headquarters for the company.

The real airport was the former main commercial aviation gateway for Melbourne, before Melbourne International Airport was constructed in the neighbouring suburb Tullamarine and opened to take on the role. The current day Essendon Field Airport serves a variety of operations from general aviation, to charter and private flights, and it’s recent development has turned it into a major commercial hub.

The team has released a rendition of the airport way back before MSFS’ existence, in similar vein to the real-life revitalised Essendon Fields Airport development, Orbx has developed a modern shining representation of the airfield. The rendition will feature a modelled interior for the terminal complex, including the company’s main office. The airport would first be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator, followed by a version for P3D v4+ and X-Plane 11 respectively.

Those who purchased the original rendition are entitled to a 20% discount upon the purchase of this new release (which would be out in the coming weekend). For the original announcement, head over to their forum thread.

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