FlyingIron Publishes New F117 Cockpit WIPs

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Recently deciding to teleport to a more modern era, FlyingIron has turned heads with their announcement of them developing the F117 NightHawk, a dramatic departure from their previous classic warbirds offerings (the Spitfire and P-47N Thunderbolt). Today the team has published a set of new cockpit previews from their hotly anticipated F117 NightHawk for X-Plane as "Development Update 1". The previews showcase the current work in progress texturing of some instruments, all of which displays heavy usage and weathering - much like the F117s in the real world:

Not much information was given out on the previews, although they are very much self explanatory - being that the project is still in its early development phase. Check the original post here: LINK

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