"ON MIGHTY WINGS" Heatblur and Indiafoxtecho releases new F14 trailer.

Heatblur Simulations/Indiafoxtecho, the team behind the exceptional recreation of the F-14 in DCS, has just released a new trailer for "ON MIGHTY WINGS," which features the highly anticipated F14 Tomcat for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The two developers have collaborated to provide the most accurate rendition of the F-14 Tomcat ever created for Flight Simulator, with over a decade of development and research resulting in a highly detailed flight model for the aircraft. The Tomcat features custom systems, photogrammetry, and laser scanning for interior and exterior modeling accuracy.

The trailer showcases the Tomcat's aerodynamic effects, sounds, and flight model, putting it on the "final approach" for release. With no official release date announced yet, Indiafoxtecho has hinted that "it should be a question of weeks," indicating a possible release before the end of the year.
To read more on the Tomcat development, check out Their Facebook pages here. Heatblur Simulations Indiafoxtecho

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