AOA Simulations Releases F-35B Lightning II Version 2

October 19, 2020

The result of many months of continued development and a drastic overhaul of a large number of elements of the aircraft, AOA Simulations has released Version 2 of their F-35B for X-Plane.

The major overhaul of the aircraft brings numerous new features including completely new textures and FMOD sound pack alongside 3 different variants of the aircraft (full feature list found below).

AOA Simulations is a developer who focuses on many real-life military aircraft, although has also released a rendition of the VANS Aircraft RV-8 for X-Plane. AOA Simulations is also currently working on a V-22 Osprey, progress on this aircraft can be followed on their Facebook page.

AOA Simulations has made the manual for their F-35B available to read and download before you purchase the aircraft. Users can read the document before they purchase the aircraft to understand the systems and controls of the aircraft. The manual can be read as a Google Drive attachment.

Here the full list of updated features shipped with Version 2:

  • 3 different models (Close Air Support, Anti-ship and land-attack with the new Kongsberg Joint Strike Missile, V/STOL)
  • Realistic PBR effects
  • Complete textures overhaul
  • New 3D cockpit with a panoramic cockpit display
  • Enhanced avionics, mission systems and flight model
  • New animated weapons set (GBU-12, GBU-53B, JSM, GAU-25 gun pod, AIM-120D, AIM-9X)
  • New FMOD sounds
  • New comprehensive 110-pages flight manual and tutorial
  • Photoshop Paintkit
  • New pluggable air intake covers with squadrons insignias
  • VR-Ready

The upgrade to Version 2 of the aircraft is free for all previous customers of the aircraft.

To purchase AOA Simulations’ rendition of the F-35B Lightning II, head over to the store, where you can purchase it for $36.00.

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