Faroes4XPlane by Maps2XPlane Updated to V2.1

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Aerosoft and Maps2XPlane's popular Faroes4XPlane scenery has just been updated with fixes post-release of V2 in early April.

The scenery canvases the Danish archipelago with high-resolution textures and VFR objects, on top of a rendition of the Faroes' main airport, Vágar (EKVG).

The v2.1 update changelog can be found here:

  • Added some previously missing power-line-segments (on land)
  • Added (over-water) power-line-segments between the islands
  • Placed dozens of additional church- and lighthouse-objects
  • Fixed the sea traffic network to avoid floating boats/ships

You can find out more about Maps2XPlane's Faroe Islands recreation here, in a previous article.

Alternatively, you can purchase the scenery for $45.99 here.

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