FlyJSim release update for their 732 TwinJet Pro

Alex John
Friday, September 21, 2018

Only yesterday, FlyJSim released a patch for their 727. Today, a patch for their 732 has been released! Check out the changelog:

  • UI will now scale up if you are on a larger resolution monitor.
  • Flight model adjusted. Better takeoff and more stable in pitch.
  • Various cockpit texture enhancements
  • You will now be able to perform maintenance on airframe,engines, and apu once they have aged to keep them running longer.
  • fixed issue where only inner left flap would fail.
  • spoilers will not deploy with reverser.
  • changed yoke roll angle to 105º
  • fixed some issues with the ADF units that had been reported.
  • changed aircraft description.

To update, FlyJSim recommends that you re-download the entire aircraft. This is to streamline further updates with a new Skunkcrafts updater config.

Good progress from FlyJSim. If you don't already own the 737-200, you can pick it up for $20 off this weekend only over on the store.

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