FlightBeam & iBlueYonder Contemplate Converting PDX to X-Plane

Jordan Davison
Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Flightbeam, a popular ESP scenery development group currently in collaboration with Bill Womack of iBlueYonder recently released an email enticing of a possible conversion of their upcoming Portland International (KPDX) airport to X-Plane. In the email, it questioned "If X-Plane is your main simulator, would you be interested in this version of KPDX for XP11?". More-so, on the iBlueYonder Facebook page, Mr. Womack stated:

"We haven't 100% decided to port to XP yet, but I'm leaning that way. If it happens, it'll be me" and "I'd like to see it get ported, but it depends on how much work it is and how it's received for P3D. We have a formula for how P3D sales translate to XP11 sales that's been pretty well proven, so we should know pretty quickly after release if it's worth the effort".

Such information is enthralling for X-Plane users as there is now the possibility of another ESP developer giving X-Plane a try. Earlier this year, popular ESP scenery development group, FlyTampa, released their ported Corfu scenery as their entry into X-Plane.

To find out more about FlightBeam/iBlueYonder KPDX, check out the iBY Facebook page.

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