FlyByWire Simulations Updates A32NX for Microsoft Flight Simulator

April 18, 2021

FlyByWire Simulations has updated their popular A32NX project for Microsoft Flight Simulator to version 0.6.0. This update follows a week-long testing period put in place to sort out any bugs and implement fixes before a stable release was published.

With this update, FlyByWire went all out in new additions to the aircraft with a brand new tablet complete with moving maps and simbrief integration, to reworked engine startup sounds. Alongside these features, the group improved much of the flight model and many of the systems including the GPWS, navigation displays and electrical systems along with a functional printing system.

Version 0.6.0 introduces the following to the aircraft:

General Features

  • New cockpit textures including overhead panel decals 
  • Aircraft separated from the default Asobo A320neo 
  • Electronic Flight Bag 
  • Coffee Cup 
  • Printer for METAR, ATIS and TELEX messages 
  • Tons of new and revamped sounds inside and outside the aircraft 
  • Electrical systems 
  • Improved flight model accuracy
  • Improved VOR/ADF Nav Display 
  • Improved transponder operation 
  • Split COM1 and COM2 radio stack 
  • Custom camera views 
  • Altitude C-chord warning 
  • Support for CONF 3 (Flap 3) landing 
  • TRK/FPA mode 
  • GPWS improvements

Electronic Flight Bag

  • Live map with simBrief import 
  • View generated simBrief OFP 
  • Descent calculator with differing modes of calculation 
  • Fuel management 
  • Ground service handling 
  • Additional sound options 

Electrical Systems

  • APU cooldown where when you turn OFF the APU MASTER SW it remains running for a while to cool down 
  • Realistic battery charge and discharge 
  • Emergency power generation when other power sources are lost and much more

“An extensive electrical system implementation is added which means the APU, batteries, contactor sounds and the ELEC ECAM page now work as in the real aircraft” the team adds.

Along with the implementation list for the update, FlyByWire also released a promotional video showcasing the update in action. Check that video out below:

FlyByWire has provided two different ways of installing the aircraft, either using their recently released installer or by manually placing the aircraft in the designated folder. To manually install, simply drag the folder into Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 / Community which is located where you installed the simulator.

The A32NX is available for download on FlyByWire Simulations’ website free of charge. Existing users can simply update the product through the installer or reinstall the aircraft on the group’s website.

Big thanks to Delta-Bravo, Arun Geeza and dekema2 for their screenshots!

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