Frank Dainese unwraps stunning "Everest Park 3D"

Peter Tram
Monday, August 20, 2018

In a facebook post on his personal profile, Frank Dainese unwraps his latest and greatest: a spectacular rendition of the Mt. Everest range in Nepal. Covering more than 1,000 kilometers of snowy mesh goodness, Frank brings his meticulous digital craftmanship to Nepal, home of Mt Everest and one of the world's most dangerous airport: Lukla.

Filled with detail, the scenery brings three towns and its airports to life; Lukla and its airport of the same name is reproduced, neighbouring towns like Namche-Bazaar and the airport serving the village Syangboche Airport is also given specila treatment. Lastly, Tengboche with its important Buddhist Monastery is recreated with special care.

Check out these stunning shots:

This is sure to be a haven for the dare-devils who wants to land their oversized airliner into Lukla. The scenery will also be a joy for Heli-pilots, as the product features several points of interests and pads to land on. It seems that the scenery won't employ orthoimagery like traditional scenic products usually do, nonetheless the developer duo managed to pull off a very pretty recreation.

Working with Fabio on this for a few weeks, its incredible seeing how the two has broght something this stunning as such a fast pace.

Original Facebook Post: LINK

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