Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini Release Torres del Paine National Park for X-Plane 11

October 14, 2020

Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini’s latest product, Torres del Paine National Park UHD, has been released for X-Plane 11.

A scenic mountain range in the south of Patagonia in Chile, the duo have rendered 800 square kilometres, one small airfield they describe has “considerable difficulties in landing and take-off,” and the traditional replacement of polygons and textures to produce photorealistic terrain.

As listed on the store page, these are the features included in the scenery:

  • 800 sq. Km of beautiful mountains in Ultra-High Resolution
  • 1 small airfield, with considerable difficulties in landing and take-off.
  • 4 Helipad located near the tourist centers.
  • Region located at the confluence of 4 degrees
  • Airfield(XLCT) with 4 Heliports in strategic sites. 
  • Many villages, tourist centers
  • All  3D models Torres groups with textures  in 4K resolution
  • All the vegetation mapped
  • Recolored the lakes, maintaining the water effect 
  • Inserted hundreds of polygons / textures to reproduce the photo-realistic terrain

The product can be purchased on the store for US $22.95.

The scenery was only announced earlier this month which followed the conclusion of their five-part Dolomites 3D series.

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