Flight Factor Updates Product Lineup

Jordan Davison
Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Over the past several days, Flight Factor has released several updates and previews of upcoming updates for their product line. Firstly, on Twitter, Flight Factor previewed work on a Ram Air Turbine (RAT) for the 757 and A320. The RAT is a small wind turbine that is connected to a hydraulic pump or electrical generator and serves as a backup power source in the event of an emergency.

Continuing, Flight Factor has issued an update for their Airbus A320 adding failures. Whilst incorporating failures as a whole is still a work in progress, an open-beta is available for customers to try and experiment with some of the new features. Users can download the update with X-Updater or through a direct download from the X-Plane.org store.

Regarding the 757 and 767, an updated release is now available for customers. The update can be acquired through the X-Updater or through a direct download from the X-Plane.org store. The extensive changelog can be read on the forum post made by Flight Factor. Flight Factor insists that all bugs and issues users may encounter from the update be reported to Flight Factor's support center. Thanks and credit to Croka on our discord server for the news tip.

You can view our previous article regarding Flight Factor's new Flat-panel display system for the 757 and 767 by clicking here.

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