Flight Factor Previews Flat Panel Display System in Action

Friday, July 26, 2019

Last month, Flight Factor formally previewed a retrofitted cockpit avionics system for their 757/767. Known as the Flat Panel Display System (FPDS), the four new displays eliminate most traditional instrument gauges and the small CRT displays with LED ones.

Today sees the displays in action during different stages of flight through Twitter, including takeoff and landing. These new previews are shown below.

For more information, see confirmation and first official previews in this article.

In addition, secure Navigraph login to the EFB on board the 757/767 was confirmed earlier this month. More details here.

Flight Factor also recently updated their A320 Ultimate to 0.10.8, introducing the weather radar to the aircraft. The aircraft is also receiving a failure scenario system soon.

From Monroe to the World


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