[Edit 1715z] Flight Factor A320 0.10.1 Beta Adds Weather Radar

April 17, 2019

Just minutes ago, aircraft development team FlightFactor announced the release of a new beta update to their A320 aircraft. Beta version 0.10.0 only has a four line change-log, however it includes one of the most anticipated additions to the aircraft since its release last year: the weather radar.

xEnviro developers have confirmed to Threshold that the weather radar in the A320 will be fully compatible upon the release of version 1.10.

In addition to weather radar, v0.10.0 also includes a fleshing out of cabin functionality, with a new flight attendant panel being added alongside cabin illumination controls.

A320 developer Asso debuted the changes in a post that reads:

"Hi guys! We have new beta version available.  Please update your aircraft. To get the beta you need to make sure you checked beta checkbox in the updater. Please remember this is BETA version.  It may be unstable and may have bugs.  Please report bugs and issues here. We'll do our best to fix it."

The change-log is as follows:

  • Weather radar added
  • CIDS: Added Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) to EFB
  • CIDS: Cabin and galley illumination control from FAP
  • CIDS: Cabin ready function

To update, run the X-Updater program and ensure the "beta" checkbox is ticked. To find out more about FlightFactor, check out a previous article where developers tease a potential update to the group's 757, included retro-fitted widescreen displays.

Edit 1715z: Version 0.10.1 has been released with the following fixes:

  • Removed flare and glow from internal lights
  • Fixed transparend weather radar background

Thanks to Hurri Cane on our Discord server for letting us know about V0.10.1. <3

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