FlightFactor's Boeing 757 & 767 Updated Featuring New C-32 Variant

Alex John
Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Major free updates have been released by FlightFactor for their Boeing 757 and 767 Professional series, including the C-32 variant for the former.

Although the addition of the Air Force 2 is only available in the extended and global packages for the 757, everything else included in the update is available across all purchase options.

Other highlights of the update include the addition of fuel scavenge pump logic, state saving for 2D windows, and popouts for EICAS and original displays.

Render of C-32 interior

The C-32 variant is used by the U.S. Air Force, and is designated as Air Force 2 when carrying the U.S. vice president.

According to a post on x-plane.org, the full list of changes in version 2.4.3 in the update is as follows:

  • Added C-32 variant to Extended and Global packages
  • Added popups/popouts for EICASes and original displays
  • Added state saving for displays 2D windows
  • Added AntiAliasing (AA) slider to the tablet effects page (affects eadi, ehsi and route part for fpds displays)
  • Added TO STEP CLIMB and TO E/D lines to progress page (will appear when it should)
  • Added TO T/D line to CRZ page (will appear when it should)
  • Added shutdown IRS cycle logic
  • Added ATT align IRS cycle logic
  • Added MAP flag for FPDS displays
  • Added scavenger pump logic
  • Added engine vibration logic and failures
  • Added an option to enable blue colored style EICAS displays
  • Improved step climb calculation
  • Improved and fixed align and entering IRS pos logics
  • Made the magenta color calmer for original displays
  • Fixed flap maneuver speed indication
  • Fixed cockpit interaction in case of some multi-monitor configurations (with rotational offsets applied)
  • Fixed bug with charts window disappearing during if other window is in dragging state
  • Fixed incorrect warning level for the EICAS messages from IRS, AP and FMC
  • Fixed ISFD to use hdg from IRS in ATT mode
  • Fixed some graphical, 3d and lighting issues
  • Fixed some incorrect text in cockpit
  • Fixed some z-buffer issues
Render of C-32 interior

Additionally, their Boeing 767 Professional was also updated along with the 757, as is usually the case. The changelog for the 767 is versioned 1.3.7 and is identical to the aforementioned list, minus the C-32 variant.

In a previous article, Threshold outlined other projects FlightFactor is currently undertaking, whilst a significant update with regards to their A350 was published around two weeks ago.

The developer is available to follow on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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