FlightFactor A350 Update Expected in April & Releases Three Beta Updates

Alex John
Friday, February 28, 2020

FlightFactor has chosen today to go public with updates - both development and beta releases - on all of their aircraft, bar the 777.

Starting with a post on their Twitter page, FlightFactor admitted they are now looking at April to release an update for the A350.

"Some news on the a350v1 final update. Our aim realistically is April. Taking into account our partner’s for this project need for taking care of their new product. Their bugs are our bugs, let’s hope it goes through smoothly," they said.

The new product is presumably ToLiss' A321, which was released today. They are working alongside FlightFactor on their A350, and the two are looking to heavily update the aircraft with SID and STARs, modelling and texturing, plus a lot more.

A comment on December's update said they were in the final stages and that it was to be in beta testing for a "week or two" after completion.

This is not the A350 V2, however. News on that front has been quiet for some time.

On the A320 front, a beta update was released which addressed several bug fixes, as listed below.

  • Saving standard and popout panels configuration
  • Panels resizeing
  • Possible windows positioning out of visible area
  • Multi-monitor support for different cockpit interaction modes
  • Keyboard input into EFB in 2D window mode

The aircraft was declared V1 towards the end of last year and has not seen any major update since.

The 757 and 767 also received beta updates today in the form of betas.

The C-32 upgrade was released in beta form some time ago for the 757 in version 2.4.0 along with many other changes, whilst the 767 received the FPDS avionics not too long ago.

Posting to x-plane.org, one of the aircraft's developers gave the changelog for the 757's beta update, versioned 2.4.1. The changelog for 1.3.5 of the 767 is identical.

  • Added state saving for displays 2D windows
  • Added AntiAliasing (AA) slider to the tablet effects page (affects eadi, ehsi and route part for fpds displays)
  • Fixed TAT indication
  • Fixed vibration indication
  • Fixed rudder pos indication
  • Fixed cockpit interaction in case of some multi-monitor configurations (with rotational offsets applied)
  • Fixed bug with charts window disappearing during if other window is in dragging state

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