FlightFactor Releases AVS v2.0.1 & New A350 Previews

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Drawing to an end a very active week on the PR side of things, FlightFactor have announced an update to their Airport Visual System plugin, in addition to a bunch of new A350 version 1 update previews.

The new Navigraph Charts window.

First up is v2.0.1 of the AVS plugin, which was first teased back in January 2020 with new compatibility with Navigraph's Charts software, as well as a refreshed user interface and multi-monitor support coming in as fan-favourite additons. These features have now been published, along with a number of other bug fixes and other changes - a full list can be found below:

  • Fixed sim traffic not showing when corresponding option is selected
  • Fixed possible CTD in case of loading PDF files on Linux/Mac
  • Added support for new XP 11.50 tcas datarefs
  • Update some UI hints
  • Fixed possible huge loading time when AVS is installed - AVS is no longer affects X-Plane loading time
  • Fixed taxilines and auxiliary lines scaling
  • Fixed inability to enter numbers in ICAO entry field
  • Fixed inverted depiction of windsocks
  • Fixed parsing airport data for airports using features from new APT specification
  • Fixed additional OS windows popup for loading PDF pages (Viewer page)
  • Added multi-monitors support and ability to use AVS in separate OS window
  • Added automatic saving of AVS window state (position and mode)
  • Added Navigraph interface for charts viewing
  • Added ability to select favourite folders in X-Plane directory tree (Viewer page), preferred folders will be saved between loadings
  • Updated add-on structure - single plugin is now used instead of two separate
  • Updated plugin UI
  • Updated interface for AVS moving map options
  • Reworked AVS moving map depiction from scratch
  • Reworked a set of provided commands/menus to operate AVS
  • Make selected airports loading more convenient
  • Make wind info displaying more usable
  • Removed a few unreliably working features until better implementation in future updates (NDB-VOR-ILS markers, buildings, terrain)

The update is free to all existing customers of the plugin.

Shortly after this, the developer took to Facebook to share some new previews of an update to their A350 rendition, which was showcased extensively in a livestream recently.

The new changes, which will all be included in the 'version 1.X' run of the aircraft, centre around systems improvements and the addition of SID/STAR capabilities. A few visual refreshes have also been carried out throughout the cockpit.

To see more of the A350 update, check out our exclusive preview video from earlier this week and follow FlightFactor member Ben put the craft through it's paces at Los Angeles Airport.

The developer would like to make it clear that throughout said video there were some shading errors which misrepresented the look of the cockpit - so they ask you to bear this in mind that the cockpit isn't representative of the final product.

View the A350 update preview video on Threshold's YouTube channel, or check out the newly updated Airport Visual System plugin on the X-Plane.org Store, where it's selling for $19.95 USD.

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