FlightFactor Begins Development on New 'Pro' Aircraft

August 14, 2020

FlightFactor chief Roman - better know as 'Ramzzess' - has taken to the X-Plane.org Forum to share the news that a new 'pro' level aircraft is in development, as well as further plans for the future now that the group have reached a stage at which 'most' updates for their currently fleet are now complete.

He explains the above statement by making a point of the 757 and 767 being feature-complete and stable, alongside the A350v1, which has seen SID/STAR compatibility as well as new textures and a whole host of other additions in an update released in July.

Roman makes mention of the A320 Ultimate too - an aircraft which is still in beta - in saying that all of their current aircraft are Vulkan/Metal compatible.

"While work on all current models will continue, and not withstanding our plans for the v2s (you all know what I am talking about), it is the first time in 4 years when FlightFactor is not working on an “upcoming” update of some sort," he says.

"It is time for a radical shift in technology, for a refactoring of the basic level at which we make models. That means, that our next project will be of a new generation, totally new, using totally new methods and will have more new features than anything we have made from the start."

The FlightFactor co-founder compared today's shift in quality to the 2012 switch from Ramzzess Aviation Design to the now-familiar FF brand.

"This will mean that our new projects will more immersive, closer to life, will have more in-depth features and will be more complex."

Next on the agenda at FlightFactor appears to be a brand new model, their first since the release of the A320 Ultimate in 2018, under the 'pro' series tagline. Roman clarifies that by 'new model', he means to say it is something that FlightFactor have never done before - a brand new aircraft type.

"We are building it from scratch and combining all the knowledge and technology we have accumulated over the years. We are aiming, as usual, to beat the industry standard for in-depth simulation of an aircraft and to bring new ideas into the sim."

The group are still too early in the development process to share any further information or previews.

The developer finished with a short piece on how, through real-world aviation, the team plans on making their aircraft more realistic. Both FlightFactor co-founders - Roman and Philipp - hold their PPLs and Philipp is working towards an ATPL.

See the source post for this article on the X-Plane.org Forum.

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