FlyingIron Simulations Updates their Spitfire MK IX to V1.0.6

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

An update to FlyingIron Simulations' Spitfire, released earlier this year, has been pushed for existing users. The update mainly concerns gunsight and ground manoeuvring features and handling features.

The changelog is as follows:

  • Gunsight Overhaul – 3D Collimated Gunsight Effect added
  • Gunsight brightness limits & defaults adjusted
  • Added Alternate Ground Handling Mode (Steerable Tailwheel)
  • Fuel Pressure Altitude Failure adjusted to more realistic altitudes
  • Fixed Toe Brakes & Mixture not working when loading a different aircraft after using the Spitfire

"For this update we have included a quick-fix/workaround for the ongoing Ground Handling issues. Located on the VR Panel, you will now find a switch labelled 'Ground Handling'. Setting it to 'Normal' will keep the Spitfire operating as it always has been, with a free castoring tailwheel. Setting the switch to 'Simplified' will lock the tailwheel and make it steerable with the rudder. Using this makes taxi a breeze and avoiding ground loops on landing very easy, even in severe crosswinds (tested in 30 kt crosswinds).

"Note that the Spitfire is generally only rated for a 15kt crosswind

"We have also found that using a wind-altering plugin such as this one makes ground-handling far less frustrating in windy conditions. We will continue to research and consult with Laminar & other developers to see if we can find a better solution to the niggling ground handling issues that doesn't compromise on realism."

The update was posted here. If you've yet to purchase the Spitfire by FlyingIron Simulations, consider checking out our review:

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